Satnam Singh – Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker

Who is Satnam Singh?

Consultant, Speaker & Author (The Book on Web Psychology)

Satnam first ventured into the corporate world upon graduating and has since worked with known brands such as Coca Cola and Disney for 15+ years as a Digital Design Professional. It is while in the field that he found out how big brands tend to do things in a certain way when it comes to online marketing and design.

This inspired him to author an informative guide called The Book On Web Psychology: 7 Steps To Understand Online Consumer which is all about putting the user first by understanding how they think in order to produce a profitable online business.

Satnam established Snowfire Digital where he works with small and medium sized businesses to help them gain traction and visibility with their target audience.

Along the same vein, he has run several independent events in 2019 and early 2020 to help businesses and people optimize on digital marketing, and created an online course titled The Digital Marketers Blueprint to further his cause. Satnam has also been running a podcast since 2018.


Digital Marketing Agency

Based in Leeds, Snowfire Digital is a Digital Marketing agency founded by Satnam Singh, after working with such brands as Coca Cola and Disney in his corporate career.

Snowfire Digital specialises in creating professional branding and Digital Marketing services, designed for one main purpose, to get businesses more leads online!

To learn more about what Snowfire Digital can do for your business, hit the button below!

The Digital Marketers Academy

Are you wanting to learn Digital Marketing from the ground up?

If you want to learn to create your own Online Business or to do Digital Marketing services for businesses yourself, then let me introduce you to The Digital Marketer's Academy.