New Side Hustle In 3 Steps – Satnam Singh

In this post, we’re going to be having a look at what it takes to create a side hustle.

You might be wondering, how do you go about creating a side hustle properly, right?

You’ve heard of people making money online and there’s all this sort of good stuff going on the internet, but how do you get a piece of the action?

I’m going to do cover three steps that are designed to make it easy for you to understand what it takes for you to start thinking in the right sort of way about creating a side hustle online.

Right so the first thing I’m going to say to you is, if you can have like a business owner mentality from the start, then it really does help.

What I mean is you don’t need to start worrying too much about taxes, hiring people, what my profits and margins are, none of that. 

Instead try and think about whatever we’re going to cover in this post, being a small project or website, and your aim is to grow into a massive business empire over time.

And imagine it’s the foundation or the core thing of your future business.

Sounds exciting. Right?

For those of you who are new to this concept of creating an idea online or creating a site as a business or affiliate marketing, whatever it is, or an e-commerce store, you have to start somewhere, right?

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You have to be able to think about an idea that you’re passionate about. You have to make sure that whatever idea you’re thinking about putting your energy, your money and your focus in for the next few months or the next year or so, is one that you like or love.

Something that’s going to make you go to sleep late at night and wake up early.

Well known self development legend Jim Rohn had a great way of putting this, imagine working full time on job and part time on your fortune.

Meaning if you currently have to work on a job 9-5, do that, then work on your side hustle like it’s your fortune. So full-time on your job and part-time on your fortune.

The energy that this way of thinking is unreal and will keep you motivated!

My intention with this post is to show you how you can start to think about a possible idea like it’s your fortune, in three simple steps.

#1. Idea

Okay. So the first step is IDEA!

You have an IDEA to start creating a side hustle.

So grab a piece of paper, grab a strong drink like a coffee or something like that lol.

Start down by creating a list of possible ideas that you would possibly like to base your side hustle on.

Don’t worry too much at this stage if it’s going to work or if the market is big enough. At the end of the post I will include 2 ways you can use Google to check if an IDEA you have is strong enough to justify.

#2. Target Audience

And then the next stage with your idea is you have to know who your target audience is.

Now what I mean by Target Audience is you’ve got to know or have at least an idea in your head at this point of, who you would like to serve in your new side hustle business.

So write underneath each of your ideas a bullet point of who you think you would be serving.

It’s important to put some kind of audience down at this point because it will really help you to start thinking of your IDEA as more of a business. 

And by thinking of who your target audience is your will start to turn the creative cogs in your head creating momentum in your side hustle planning at this stage.

#3. Service or Product

Imagine that you had a website where you talked about a particular IDEA or thing that you loved, for example, like a passion.

And then think about your target audience who you want to serve, what service or product can you offer them?

What do you think would add value to them and what they are interested in?

Validating an IDEA

Now, going back to that, to what I mentioned about using Google to validate your idea, you can use a tool called Google Trends.

You type in terms of searches that your target audience would type in to find your website and that describe your IDEA. In return you get some feedback about trending data, about how popular things have been over time and how popular it is now.

Use this as an indicator to see if your IDEA is trending now, or peaks at anytime of year etc.

The simple result here is, if it is fairly linear or going up, it’s a good IDEA.

And finally, Google Keyword Planner will show you and tell you in more detail, what it is that people are searching for what search terms they are using.

And they’ll tell you the number of people that are looking for a particular search term, and you want to sort of aim for something that people are, are at least searching for a 1000 searches a month.

Thats 2 ways to validate your IDEA.


So that’s how you go about creating or planning your new side hustle, what it does is allow you to start putting some ideas down.

Then the next stage would be to create your website and reach your target audience, and offer the service or products to them,

That’s all for this post guys, if you want to find out more, click the button below.