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About Satnam

Consultant, Speaker & Author (The Book on Web Psychology)
Satnam is an online digital specialist who has over 15 years corporate experience working with brands such as Disney and Coca-Cola.

He helps entrepreneurs and businesses to make the most of their Social Media presence in a way that increases leads and sales.

Becoming fascinated with Psychology and Design online from his years of corporate experience, Satnam was led to write ‘The Book on Web Psychology’, The 7 Steps to understanding online consumer behaviour. Web Psychology by Satnam Singh is intended to demystify and show you how to understand how your consumers really think when they shop online. In the book Satnam shares stories, models and diagrams that explain, from his insightful career designing for some of the biggest brand names in the world, what you need to do to create a profitable online business.

Satnam works as a Social Media Marketing specialist for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to maximise their online performance.

Satnam now runs workshops and events where business owners and entrepreneurs can learn to maximise their online profits and make better user experiences for their customers, with the use of Social Media.