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3 Ways To Think Smarter About Social Media

When it comes to your social media marketing, you have to remember there are going to be many things you have not thought of when you first start.

In this post, I share with you three different ways that I started thinking about Social Media and how it got me and my clients’ more results.

There are going to be things you have to learn in regards to fully understanding how to scale and have a substantial optimised following on your social media networks.

I could have started this article with a brief introduction and then gone through each of the social media networks, but what I want to uncover here is the mindset you need to have towards Social Media Marketing in and of itself.

So whatever social network(s) you decide to go with, this article and its purpose will serve you well.

Let’s go through three ways you can start to think about social media.

1. Be Yourself Online

If you are creating a personal brand, then you already know that your social media is going to be playing a big part of this, so you have to be yourself to get across your worth effectively.

But even if you are a business with more than one employee, this mindset is still beneficial, but the way you have to think about it is to try and get the voice of the company out there, in the way that you want people to see your business.

So if you want to create a professional look but an easy going feel to your whole business, then you must portray this in your social media marketing.

2. It’s Too Late!

A limiting belief that I see business owners and entrepreneurs sucking up to is that it’s too late to become prominent or influential, or even profitable by the use of social media in your marketing mix.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Just because more and more people are using and utilising social media, doesn’t mean that it’s too late, if anything, it should bring you comfort knowing that that is where everything is heading.

There has never been a better or easier time in history to grow your business!

Social media is still evolving, and you must take advantage of it if you are serious about growing your business.

You can create an online presence, that represents your business or project online that will have people engaging and liking what you are doing.

You must do it in a way that is easy to consume and fun.

The thing with social media is, you have to put yourself out there to see what kind of response you get and adjust your style accordingly.

People know that this is very obvious, but feel that it is complicated to do.

You can start adjusting the way you put yourself out there, by changing the tone in your very next post on your chosen social network, and see the difference in the response you get.

By iterating over small actions like this, you’ll quickly see that social media does work, and after all your followers are human beings.

They want to follow content that is up-to-date and something that is fun and worth reading or watching.

You don’t need to create a massive five-year social media plan or anything silly like that. You only need to create content that people want to see and be smart in the way that you tie into your business or your industry.

3. Gain New Skills

Keep your mind open to learning new skills that can boost your Social Media performance.

If you are reading this article, then the chances are that you manage your social media, so that means you have to be savvy and smart when creating your content.

One of the quickest ways that I found you can become more efficient is to spend a day or two sharpening up on a couple of skills, that can help you get some serious ROI on your social media efforts.

The two skills that most people often overlook when it comes to social media marketing is copywriting and sales.

These skills will allow you to:

  • Follow a basic structure when it comes to creating your content.
  • Write better articles and comments.
  • Record more engaging videos.
  • Follow a basic structure when it comes to creating your content.

Doing this creates a base, for your content and readers respond well to this because you can efficiently manage their expectations.

You will be seen as been influential and know how to create an active call to action, which is essential to manage your audience’s expectations.

There are tons of videos on YouTube around sales copy and persuasive content writing.

Just by spending a bit of time studying some of these patterns you will be able to apply your style and business and its products and services, in a way that will make people smile, and want to follow you and effectively do business with you.


I hope these three-pointers around thinking smarter around Social Media will give you some inspiration with your social media marketing efforts.

Over the years, I have owned and operated many different websites, which had some form of brand and social network presence.

What I have learnt is that no matter what your product or service, there is a way that you can utilise social media.

For specific industries it is straightforward to see what sort of content works well and which content doesn’t work well, you can test this by quickly looking at what other people in your selected industry are doing online.

It’s easy to approach social media with minimal effort and to start doing the things that followers will expect you to do to have a fruitful following.

More than anything, what I have found is that it is a shift in mindset that gets you more results at the start.

At the start of your social media marketing journey, it is reasonable to think that putting your business on social media, has to follow a particular pattern. But if your approach doesn’t work for you the first time, you can feel like social media doesn’t work at all!

Experiences like these will test you and your opinion of if social media works or not.

My advice is simple, stick with it, try different ways you put out content on social media, and above all, change the way you think about social media marketing!

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